Powers of Attorney & Living Wills


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Powers of Attorney

A power of attorney creates a principal and agent relationship where the principal (you) can delegate an agent to act on your behalf.  Depending on your situation, some or all of the powers of attorney listed below may be needed to complete your estate plan. 

1) Financial Power of Attorney; 

2) Real Estate Power of Attorney; 

3) Health Care Power of Attorney; 

4) Power of Attorney for Business Matters; and

5) Limited Power of Attorney for Specific Purposes.

Under most circumstances, by having these powers of attorney in place you can: (1) prevent the need for a guardianship or conservatorship, both of which involve formal court proceedings, and (2) facilitate some estate planning after your incapacity.

Living Wills

A living will sets out guidelines for dealing with life-sustaining medical procedures in the event you become comatose or unable to communicate your wishes relating to your health care.  It directs medical staff to stop extraordinary life-sustaining procedures if:  (1) for at least seven days, you have been unconscious, comatose, or otherwise incompetent to communication decisions relating to your medical care, and  (2) two doctors certify in writing that you are suffering from an incurable and terminal condition.  If the only life-sustaining procedure is artificial nourishment, you can choose to terminate it after the seven days, to continue it for a specified period of time, or to continue it indefinitely.  In a living will, you may also indicate your wishes to be an organ and/or tissue donor.


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